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About PDFL

PDFL are specialists in the fabrication of tanks for the process and chemical industries and acknowledged leaders in the field. PDFL offers a specialist service in corrosion protection including tank linings, coverings and insulation. All these come in a variety of materials such as rubber, PVC, glass fiber, glass flake, lead and special epoxy.

Why use process Design And Fabrications Ltd 

PDF Ltd. offers a broad product portfolio from piping systems to storage tanks to complex tailor-made process equipment.

  • Work alongside our customers, by providing a broad range of solutions and composite materials and services.
  • Consolidate our worldwide forces under one flag and one face.
  • Differentiate our offering through evolving into a broad solution provider.
  • Deliver innovative composite and plastic materials and services by putting effort into research and development of our products and performance.

The PDF Ltd. team, characterised by passion and always striving for the best, the essential asset in all the company’s goals and activities.

Chemical plants acknowledged PVC as a chemical-resistant material for mediums such as chlorides, acids or caustic sodas. However, PVC had the disadvantage of being mechanically weak reaching low or high temperatures. The solution was to cover the PVC with a glass fibre reinforced polyester resin. This cover layer was not only chemical resistant, the material even appeared to be strong enough to manufacture storage tanks and apparatus with diameters of 10 metres. From then on, Process Design and Fabrications Ltd have built a reputation as an expert in the design and manufacturing of storage tanks, piping systems and process equipment for chemical processing markets.

Today, composites already support the drive to a carbon neutral future through:

  • light-weighting to reduce emissions
  • manufacturing higher performance products, such as larger wind turbine blades to generate more renewable energy
  • increasing the lifespan of the product by decades, through corrosion resistance and durability.

We are always keen to work with professional organisations and endeavour to deliver quality service. We have approximately 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space and have a 4m thermoplastic Butt Welding Machine, a 4m x 1.5m CNC Router Machine, 3T and 16T overhead cranes and CAD facilities.


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