Ensuring Consistently High Quality

The QA team at PDFL is responsible for testing and quality checks to ensure that our products and services meet our own high standards as well as all the international quality standards, such as ISO-9001, TÜV Süd, IFBT, Bureau Veritas and DVS. As an experienced partner, PDFL guarantees high QA performance and extraordinary durability of all its products.

The quality management system covers all areas within the individual companies, including the development of new products, processes, quality control, shipping and service – what you get is consistently high quality.

Obviously, the comprehensive quality control programme meets international standards, while PDFL also strives to fulfil individual customer specifications. Process Design and Fabrications Ltd has become a leader in the QA performance of GRP and Dual Laminate products.

Certified Laminators and Thermoplastic Welders

PDFL holds all the certificates required by national and international organisations. It also has a PDFL Quality Programme, including training, educating and certification in within our Company.