Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns And Costly Disruptions

Process Design and Fabrications Ltd (PDFL) can provide preventive (sometimes called preventative) maintenance and is regularly performed maintenance on a piece of equipment to reduce the likelihood of failure. Preventive maintenance ensures that anything of value to your organisation receives consistent maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly disruptions.

In the same way you would not wait until your car’s engine fails to get the oil changed, machines, equipment, buildings and anything of value to your organization need consistent maintenance to avoid breakdowns and costly disruptions.

This work is called Planned or Preventive Maintenance (PM). Preventive Maintenance is performed while the equipment is operating normally to avoid the consequences of unexpected breakdowns, such as increased costs, downtime and more.

PM is a strategy that all companies can implement to move away from reactive maintenance modes, and to begin a reliability journey. As the best programs include a combination of maintenance approaches, implementing preventive maintenance is an important step to the ideal strategy of predictive maintenance.

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