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A RO system is a method of producing pure water via raw water passing through a semi-permeable membrane in a direction opposite to that for natural osmosis when it is subjected to a hydrostatic pressure greater than the osmotic pressure.

RO is used for water filtration in a wide range of applications including desalination of seawater and in the production of demineralised water for use in other applications, such as component rinse systems prior to a coating process. The semi-permeable membrane employed for reverse osmosis is capable of rejecting 99.9% of bacteria and is therefore used frequently in the design of pharmaceutical pure water systems.

Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Why PDFL for Reverse Osmosis

PDFL Reverse Osmosis (RO) elements are ideal for the majority of demineralised water production for a range of municipal water sources, for a broad range of chemical, temperature, and pressure applications.

Our high-quality Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems have been designed to assist in the efficient production of clean water from industrial wastewater recycling, effluent plants, and desalination systems in a multitude of industries; petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical.  RO systems are capable of eliminating up to 99% bacteria and therefore have a wide range of applications.

Our range of reverse osmosis systems also includes pre-treatment equipment including softeners, multi-media filters, activated carbon filters amongst others. Site-safety and all regulatory compliances are followed.

Our comprehensive service and maintenance packages for reverse osmosis come with tailored flexible-financing solutions. Periodic sanitization, cleaning, and recharge of the system increase the lifespan of the product for up to 15 years.


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