GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Bund Lining

A bund is a liquid containment facility built around a storage vessel and is typically made from concrete and mortar. The purpose of a bund is to contain leaks and spillage from tanks and pipes. Bunds are often lined with a protective coating on the inside via a bund lining.

Bund linings are used to prevent flammable liquids from causing excessive damage.

The chemical industry has developed a range of protective linings that can hold up against aggressive chemicals. These range from epoxies to polyurethanes, vinyl and polyesters. Employing the right bund lining adds decades to the lifetime of the underlying concrete.

Protective and reliable Bund Lining systems are needed in all types of buildings and other facilities for different purposes:

  • delivery and sales outlets
  • power generation and distribution network
  • wastewater and sewage treatment plants
  • oil and petrochemical industry and their storage
  • industrial, commercial, agricultural, and leisure facilities

One such type of bund lining is Fibreglass GRP. It is a composite that saturates glass fibre mat in polyester resin. When it gets hardened, the material becomes strong and impervious to liquids. It also becomes resistant to major kinds of chemical attacks and possesses a high degree of flexibility. Fiberglass GRP is capable of providing comprehensive protection from chemical, physical and biological stressors.

Why choose GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) as a bund lining?

A GRP bund lining is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance. It works effectively for more than two decades. It is also non-corrosive and can withstand all chemicals from oils and diesel to sulphuric acid.

GRP bund lining offers several advantages as a tank and bund lining material:

  • GRP has a seamless ceramic-like finish
  • GRP will confine the most aggressive chemicals
  • GRP is tough, resilient and easy to clean
  • GRP bund linings are impact resistant.
  • GRP bund lining has a quick turnaround making the downtime minimal.

The bunds are exposed to tough conditions and continued exposure to oils, chemicals and other liquids can make them crack, corrode, leak or become contaminated. Thus, bund repairs become a necessity.

Bund repairs should focus on ensuring the structural integrity of the bund. It should provide a clean, dry and contaminant-free surface to maximise the adhesion of the resin.

GRP bunds are an ideal solution for all industries which need an application geared toward spill containment as they are cost-effective and lightweight linings.

Process Design and Fabrications Ltd offers full Bund lining services and bund repairs in chemically resistant GRP to Bunds.

We have teams of trained applicators who have passed and attended external confined space training courses. Our operatives have worked on many sensitive sites and are well versed with the various work permit systems and they adhere to the strict quality control procedures laid down by ourselves and our customers.

Our bund lining services include the selection of the most appropriate bund lining from a wide range of coating products from GRP laminates to chemical-resistant epoxy coatings. With the increasingly stringent environmental legislation, it is becoming more important to ensure adequate protection of secondary containment structures.


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