Providing Both Reactive And Planned Maintenance Services

Biofilter technology is usually selected when the odorous air stream has a range of lower level organic compounds and water soluble VOC’s. The odorous air passes through a moist bed of organic biodegradable media, which acts as a host for a layer of biofilm. Microorganisms, bacteria and fungi populate the biofilm and degrade the odorous compounds, significantly reducing the level of odorous compounds in the exhausted air.

Our systems are designed on a project by project basis and are designed and built to BS4994 and fully compliant with WIMES 8.05

Bio Filter

The full turnkey projects for Biofilters can include:

  • Slab and Field Extract Ductwork Systems

  • Exhaust Stack

  • Control Systems

  • Proprietary Equipment (Fans, Pumps, Valves & Instrumentation)

  • Pipework Systems

  • Installation

  • Testing and Commissioning

PDFL also provide both reactive and planned maintenance services to ensure that your odour control systems are maintained to achieve optimal performance and operation


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