PDFL’s team of designers and plastic fabricators incorporates experts conveying a scope of safety-oriented arrangements such as:

  • GRP/Plastic ductwork manufacture employing hot-air welding, all to BESAs DW154.
  • In-house GRP engineers and committed fabrication workshop including the use of high performance and fire retardant resins.
  • Multiple fusions like socket combination, butt fusion and electro-fusion jointing of thermoplastic pipework.
  • Full auxiliary control frameworks

Fume Capture

Hazardous fumes and gas are generated through a scope of industrial, logical and instructive cycles. Safe and efficient containment varies according to the process and the fumes those processes produce.

PDFL will work with you dedicatedly to address your issues regardless of whether it’s fume cupboards, cleanroom wet benches, process line lip extracts or different sorts of catch hoods.

Fume Removal and Discharge

The standard for plastic ductwork manufacture and establishment in the UK is DW154, distributed by BESA.

PDFL’s safety-critical plastic ductwork and stacks manufactured using PVC, polypropylene/PPs and PVDF (all accessible with GRP support as essential) adhere to the guidelines for both fabrication and installation.

Odour Fume Control

Our groups of expert installers guarantee that guidelines are kept up- from manufacture to installation, making PDFL a UK market pioneer in safety-critical plastic ductwork.

Fume Abatement

Fume abatement and scrubbing take various structures depending upon the application:

  • Carbon absorption: Activated carbon can allude to a scope of formless, carbon-based materials displaying an intense level of porosity and a lengthy inter-particulate surface area.
  • Bio-media filtration: Bio-media units are organic channels using pumice stones as the media material on which microorganisms can fill in a meagre biofilm. These micro-organic entities separate the odour parts in the gas stream (like hydrogen).
  • Chemical scrubbing: Using vertical or flat scouring vessels to slow and scour the fumes.

After going through an arbitrary pressed media sector, the cleaned gas stream proceeds through a de-mister that entrains and eliminates any residual dampness before leaving the scrubber.

PDFL offers layout and creation of complete fume cleaning arrangements, which incorporates the glass-reinforced scrubber unit, the related ductwork with volume control dampers and the carbon or HEPA channels; customized units to suit every client’s prerequisites.

Plastic ductwork and Glass reinforced solutions


With this scope of abilities, we can execute any plastic solution that the market demands:

  • Manufacture of Plastic ductwork to cover the most challenging industry prerequisites concerning materials and sizes.
  • Closely following the standards of BESA DW154 (Specification for Plastic Ductwork). Chemical plants, steelworks or nuclear locales are a portion of where we have worked prior.
  • Design and fabrication and Plastic glass-reinforced stacks: measured choices, independent layout, computations and creation.
  • Customized pipework modules related to fume scrubbers or other pertinent hardware.
  • Laboratory furnishings: customised fume cupboards, fume hoods and wet seats according to client prerequisites.
  • GRP structures, including stages, steps, walkways or covers.

At PDFL, we specialise in the design, supply, assembly and installation of ducts, chimney liners, and stacks at plants. We recommend GRP for heavy and medium-duty applications to assure the safety and integrity of your operation. Contact us today for a bespoke GRP/Plastic solution for your site.