PDFL, the specialist in suppliers and design of tanks, vessels and ducting. The uniqueness about PDFL lies in the fact that we provide high quality products with low-cost capital equipment.

On the other hand, Sibelco is a global material solutions company. They source, transforms and distributes specialty industrial minerals – particularly silica, clays, feldspathic and olivine – and are a leader in glass recycling.  Sibelco delivers solutions for society and supports the progress of modern life, from drinking water sanitation to solar technology and from flame retardants to smartphone screens. Sebelco serve industries such as glass, ceramics, construction, coatings, polymers and water Purification.

The Well Build Solution by PDFL for SIBELCO

PDFL have worked with Sibelco across a few of their sites in the UK, providing them with on-site service and maintenance as well as new equipment supply. Our current project is to rubber line (cover) a number of mild steel impellers. Due to the nature of their process agitation systems are required to process the various minerals, and as they are in various forms and are very abrasive. The impellors are used to stir and agitate the minerals at various stages of processing, this has a huge impact on the impellors, leading to rapid wear and deterioration. We have worked with the Sibelco site team to provide a solution to this, and it is the form of Rubber Lining.

Our Services on the Limelight

Process Design and Fabrications Ltd has mastered the Bund lining services.

We have teams of trained applicators all of whom have passed and attended external confined space training courses. Our operatives have worked on many sensitive sites and are well versed with the various work permit systems and adhering to the strict quality control procedures laid down by ourselves and our customers.

We will select the most appropriate lining from their wide range of coating products ranging from GRP laminates to chemical resistant epoxy coatings. With the increasingly stringent environmental legislation it is becoming more important to ensure adequate protection of secondary containment structures.

The Final Destination

We have worked with the Sibelco site team to provide a solution to this, and it is the form of Rubber Lining. The process starts with shot blasting the impellors prior to the lining process, they are then lined all over using multiple layers of a very high abrasion resistant rubber, a material. This not only extends the life of the impellors but also increases the efficiency of their processes, giving a huge saving on their carbon impact.

The PDFL with its far-fetched vision of contributing to UN SDGs continues the journey towards holistic development.