A key client of ours – Costain has a dedicated Power and Industrial Cooling towers division. They build, serve & maintain cooling towers all across the United Kingdom.

All cooling towers require an even distribution of water within the cooling towers, traditionally this system was constructed using mild steel. This type of system is very prone to corrosion and therefore leads to inefficient cooling of the system, potentially leading to partial or complete failure.

Here comes the role of PDFL, we had been approached by our client to provide a solution that would be cost effective and non-corrosive. After having evaluated the requirements of such a system, we carried out a feasibility study and were able to design a distribution system using Polypropylene. This material has the required tensile strength and corrosion resistant properties that were required. This system would have a serviceable life of approximately 20 years.

PDFL Brought Polypropylene to Light

PD1132 PolyPropylene Water Distributor Trough System is the Distributor system made up of several components that will be bolted together on site. All components are installed within the cooling towers and therefore it is all at high level. The other advantage of using Polypropylene is the huge reduction of weight, which makes a huge time and labour saving on the handling and installation.

Polypropylene with its Global Benefits

Due to a continuous S&M routine Costain had on their power station, and due to the erosion beyond repair of the last distributor system, a new one made of PolyPropylene was ideal for the customer along with the effective S&M of PDFL as and when required.

Polypropylene Ducting for Costain

Polypropylene is not only limited to being efficient than previous models, it also benefits in labour time and weight reduction. Moreover, polypropylene helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions – because it’s manufactured from propylene monomer, a relatively safe gas, which is a waste by-product of the petroleum industry. Hence it is more environment friendly. It also breaks down quickly compared to other plastics and is recyclable.

PDFL contributes in achieving the UN SDGs as well at the macro level.